SpaceOs Leading Research Group was founded as a GNSS&Meteo Working group in 2011 by prof. Jarosław Bosy. Our research profile expanded from GNSS signal application to troposphere studies into six research-intensive areas: positioning and navigation, atmosphere, big data, GGOS and geodynamic, orbits, monitoring. We believe in excellence in science, bold research questions and team work.


SpaceOs Leading Research Group


Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Grunwaldzka 53

50-357 Wrocław


Phone +48 71 3205611

Fax +48 71 3205611

For detail members information please see bio section.


Witold Rohm

Team leader, PhD, Associate Professor

Mateusz Drożdżewski

PhD, Assistant Professor

Edyta Hadaś

PhD, Assistant Professor

Pawel Hordyniec

PhD, Assistant Professor

Krzysztof Sośnica

Professor, Associate Professor

Agata Walicka

PhD, Assistant Professor

Radosław Zajdel

PhD, Assistant Professor

Former members

prof. Jarosław Bosy

Former Head of the group

Natalia Dymarska

Associate Researcher

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